Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Breakdown

I know with the title and the picture you would think I mean a car breakdown and I guess the title and picture have been staged together. What I did see over this last few days has been a breakdown in SL working relationships and friendships. Looking past the problem itself I can see how RL feelings came into SL. I know we can not leave our RL at the SL door, it is stupid to think we can. What I see all to often is people in SL needing their RL ego stroked. Here's the thing, we are all in SL for a reason. There is something missing in our RL that makes us sign on. Should it be earning real money, a creative outlet, a social outlet, illness that stops us doing in our RL so we do it in our SL. There are so many reasons because if our RL was so perfect we would be to switched on to that to even think about an online platform. I can deal with all those things, after all I am on here too for my own reasons and I know what they are. What I hate is the people who need their egos stroked, having to kiss ass and pamper them. To always be needy but never around to offer support. Those people can keep walking right on past me or stop at their own risk.

hair -  Amelia by Entwined @ The Crossroads

top , skirt, coat, - Anna by Asteria @ The Crossroads

shoes - Barranquilla @ Essenz

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Kate @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 1.0 @ LAQ

pose - Mags @ RK Poses

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