Monday, 2 January 2017

Back To Work

The holidays are over and folk are heading back to work. I bet if I opened plurk  they will be complaining about it. I kind of wish I was joining you all, I miss  the working week and looking forward to weekend and time off.  As a carer I never stop, it just keeps rolling, one day into another. You might wish you didn't have to go but trust me, unless you win the lotto and can do as you please while paying others to do stuff you don't want to, enjoy your working week and keep cheering in that weekend off. 

bag - Upcycle @ Plastik

pants - Corduroy Flares @ MYNX

sneakers - Werzov @ Versov

jacket & jumper - Melton Pea @ ::K::

hair with hat - Snow Fall @ Exile

pose - The Micah Series @ An Lar

mesh head applier - Snjezana @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier Nodic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Alice@ Catwa

mesh body - Lara @ Maitreya

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