Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I keep changing spaces in SL  depending on what I want to blog. Or I go to sims to find what I am looking for. At the start of the year I decided to place a house down to keep down and fix it up as a space for me to hangout, sort inventory and blog from. I am so lucky that as soon as I came back to Sl a friend cleared a space on her land for me to use. I had a few houses set out trying to think which, if any, I wanted to use. I liked each of them for different reasons and wanted to decorate them all differently. I got in such a muddle and was about to give up, that was until I seen this kitchen at Shiny Shabby. I knew which house I wanted and  the direction I would decorate it in. You can buy this is smaller sets depending on what you want but I would say just but the full set and not waste time. As it is copy you can make the space as big or small as you want.  How I seen this was because I  was over to buy this dress. Years ago I worked at Ivalde in SL. I was little miss vintage. I refused to come back on my old avatar because she was Ivalde vintage and I couldn't dress her in anything else.  Now don't get my wrong, I have a lovely SLife but when I seen this dress I just had to have it, its has my heart, it is my thing, my passion, my love.  The store is a place I might have to camp out in. Even if vintage isn't your thing, just by styling this differently you can make it your own and rock this up. I will be interested to see what others do, for me it will forever  be my beloved vintage.

kitchen  (full set) - Rustic by DRD @ Shiny Shabby

dress - Violeta by Belle Epoque @ Shiny Shabby

cottage - Sun Forest @ DaD Design

hair - Naara @ Elikatira

shoes - Paon @ Ingenue

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