Sunday, 19 February 2017

Featured In A Magazine

I was asked if I could make a picture showing off some shoes from Slipper. I had never done anything like this before but I knew I liked the brands so that bit was easy. Strange how nervous I was compared to trying to take a picture to blog. I had this dress from Entice on already when I popped on Eliza shoes and started to play around with the colours. You can make the straps and shoe base all different shades which is cool. Show how  I thought the green worked. I just wanted to style the shoes without just doing a leg shot. So the above show what I did and below is the end result after Elle put the Slipper logo on. If you want to see the full magazine it is linked below page 34/35

shoes - Eliza @ Slipper

dress - Zip-Lock @ Entice

poses Wall Stand @ Del May

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