Saturday, 8 April 2017

Be Like A Daisy

I decided to add a little bit more to the outside of my SL house this morning. Its more of a wish I ad time, money and space to do in RL. How dreamy to spend the days gardening, them filling the house with beautiful flowers  from it. Or digging the ground and then making a meal from the fresh vegetables grown there. One thing I have in both is and RL are daisies. They are my favourite flower. Daises are common, but I think they are also amazing. Even when trampled on they grow back. They all seem the same and yet when looked at closely, they are each different. Delicate yet so strong. Bit like us in life. 

daises - @ Little Branch via marketplace

grass - @ Little Branch via marketplace

potting table  - by Decor Junction @ Tres Chic

seedlings  by Artisan Fantasy

herb pot -by Bazar

potted wall tree by Bazar

wooden stool by Bazar

DIY garden store by Bauwerk

vintage lawnmower & pots - by BackBone

mesh head applier - Devon @ The Skinnery

mesh body applier - Milk @ The Skinnery

glasses - Aviator by evoLove  @ Tres Chic

hair - Mao (group gift) @ Elua

dress - Ribbon by Ambrosia  @ TP7

socks - Garden @ Kotte
head - Catwa Lona (past exclusive) / body - Maitreya Lara 

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