Saturday, 22 April 2017

Lets Talk about Gachas

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus
So this past week the Epiphany Gacha event commenced, and it got me thinking. I know Gacha events are a point of contention, with some people. Me I have no issue with them, tho the stupid prices people try and resell commons on MP, makes me shake my head. I share out my Gacha extras with my friends (I have sent Beuanna many bits and pieces). But back to the Epiphany event, you know why I like it so much, the fact you can trade your unwanted/extras in for points, and you can get lovely exclusives with those points. This round the Epiphany Gacha creators, have offered some cracking prizes and exclusives. If you have been at the Epiphany, I hope you have had lots of luck!!
head - Catwa Lona (past exclusive) / body - Maitreya Lara

Ears-  Sylvan Ears @ BentBox

Hair - -Fabia- Mesh Hair <Storm>

Shoes - [BREATHE] - Keiko Heels - FATPACK- Maitreya.Lara-Rare (the Epiphany)

Outfit - Luas Hanako Kimono Black (the Epiphany)
           Luas Hanako Sleeves Black (the Epiphany)
           Luas Hanako Corset Black  (the Epiphany)

Head dress - CerberusXing - Sai Kanzashi (Black)

Location - Qoheleth Chinese Garden: Refuge for Peace

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