Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Elegance of Loneliness - Playing SL with a Mental Health Issue

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus
When Beuanna kindly invited me to be a guest blogger for her, I was incredibly touched, because truthfully I feel the pictures I take and the looks I create weren't good enough for her blog. I have to say I have been humbled by the feedback I have received. As I said before on my intro post, a while back, I take pictures in SL cos I have a few mental health issues, and its a distraction for me. But I thought I would share with you, some of the daily struggles I have in being in a virtual environment, with mental health issues. I titled this post The Elegance of Loneliness, for two reasons. Firstly because my Avie is wearing a Beautiful Gown, that I purchased at Fantasy Faire, its the special colour that is raising funds for Relay for Life. Also to try and express, how hard it is even in a virtual environment, for me to interact with folk. I am lucky in SL to have a handful of good friends, who have stuck by me since the beginning, Beuanna and Aash Writer being probably the most important. I met Beu  at a place in SL called DollyRocks, and Aash I met when i went to a place called SubZero. In SL if a person talks to me first , I can usually cope and chat, but I am a hopeless typist and the more typos i make the more flustered I get. I am not one for jumping into a conversation or getting in peoples IM's that often, as I find it scary. My mental health issues, mean I can be quite blunt, and also the filter between my mouth and brain isn't that great, and I can say things that people take the wrong way. So mostly I stay quiet and just observe, which makes folk think, i am stand offish or stuck up. Second Life is amazing, as it has enabled me to interact with folk all over the world, from the comfort of my sitting room, I just with I didn't find it so hard sometimes. I hope this small ramble gives an insight into me and my issues, I am not fishing for sympathy just trying to explain.

head - Catwa Lona  / body - Maitreya Lara 

Ears - .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] - Rogue Elf - Purchased on MP
Skin & Appliers - Lumae : Ella Catwa - T5 Dolce/Bare

Hair - ::Exile:: Breakeven - Wildcards

Dress - *LE* Sandrine Saffron Relay for Life fundraiser @ Fantasy Faire Chaddul Ro Sim

*was a RLFL colour but other items like this for sale at the main store*

Pose - Abi's Pose - Standing Pose - Black Rose MP Purchase

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