Saturday, 3 June 2017

What I have Learnt

This has been one hell of a week as far as being online goes. I did learn somethings though, as painful as it has been.
I asked a question many have asked before but I was open about it while others hid. While folk chatted, explained, disagreed, agreed or just shared what things seemed like from the country they lived in it was a different story with a few others. The first part of my question was copied and posted on so others could see without knowing the full chat and then all hell broke. 
Some folk who got nasty and I don't care about those people  - there will always be those who cherry pick to create drama or refuse to let you explain anything because then they would have to stop trolling. Even when I said sorry it was twisted so they could keep the drama going. 
What made me  sad was some of the same people who spoke to me in private and was ok, joined in with others in public to  rip me to bits. I seen people who I thought to be friends (and not just a name on a list) do nothing in public but talked to me in private. Only 2 friends stood with me publicly and that is the bit that hurt. I know the lies that has been said about me and most likely will be posted on SL Sercrets , those people feed of drama and love to bully and I don't care.
What I had to do this week was put on my big girl pants and learn that while I may be loyal to those I believe to be friends I can  not always depend on them to do the same. Right or wrong I stand by  my friends, after all, we all fuck up sometimes.

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  1. You weren't wrong to ask what you did, not one little bit! The people who chose to twist your words and intentions did so for their own sakes, to make them appear clever or you to seem like a bad person. With everything horrific that's going on in the world at the moment, you would think they'd grow up and find better things to do with their lives! You keep doing you honey! Ask the questions! It's better than being ignorant any day!