Sunday, 2 July 2017

Who Ate The Chocolate !

So I wanted to have some fun while still letting you see the hair style properly. Also this just happened to me  when I got home from mums this afternoon. I went to the fridge to get some chocolate and a mug of coffee and someone has ate it on me. I will hunt them down.
I like this hair style, it will come in handy when I want to dress up and wear a gown. Its also pretty good for that cute little girl  look too. 
The dress is another one from The Annex 50L sale. It really is worth a visit as all these items will go back to normal price in a few days again.
My shoes,   oh my shoes, I adore these. They remind me  off a pair I owned when I was around 16. I wanted something different to wear with a  black and white pinstripe shorts suit (it was nice I swear). I got a pair of flat shoes, poked a few holes in them and  fed black ribbon  through so they wrapped just like these shoes. Now every time I wear these I will be reminded of my 'cool' styling and smile.

hair - Aya by NANI @ Hair Fair

shoes - Sabrina @ Ingenue

dress  - Dacha @ The Annex

mesh head & body applier - Hana @ Luv:Ya

pose in 2nd picture- The Simpli Series @ An Lar

prop&pose in 1st picture - Rustic Kitchen Fridge @ DaD

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