Monday, 7 August 2017

Never Talk Before Coffee

There is a rule in my house that no one speaks to me before coffee. While this rule is obeyed everything runs well. First mug and I make phone calls to places that need to be awake for but, if need be, a little blunt. Then I get my second mug and I deal with all the things I want to be be sorted and nice to others while doing it. I get business done daily this way. 
I am still sorting my Hive house I won on the gacha , I liked this kitchen I had before so I jiggled things about adn got it to fit in. There is clutter pieces that come with it but I wanted something more to make it feel different. Then Little Llama released a new gacha and it is all a bout coffee. It is like she  read my mind. I have a few bits off it places and more  will follow.  This gacha is worth playing as the commons will be great for anyone with even the smallest SL  home.
I have been wearing this dress  and the rest for a few days now while running around SL  working.
I might make this my 'go to' outfit when I need to just be dressed and sorting out work stuff, I feel happy in this, funny how SL clothes makes RL change

house @ daisy cottage @ Hive

kitchen items - Rustic Kitchen  @ DaD

pictures/ mugs/ kettle/ coffeepot - Brain Fuel @ Little Llama

sandals - Edie by @ K9

hair - Jeniah by Elikatira @ faMESHed

dress - Alice by KiB Designers @ Designer Showcase

mesh head applier - Agatha by DeeTaleZ @ Uber

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTalez

pose - Daisy Bell @ Elephante Poses

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