Saturday, 16 September 2017

Catching Up

I have loads to get done in SL but little time to do it. mum has been very ill and in hospital for 3 weeks. Double visits every day  has stopped me from getting much else done in RL or SL.  So I popped over to  Rayne and PetitChat sim and sat here while I read over notecards and answered IMs.  I should have done group notices too but instead I decided to grab a picture to blog.  The sim is very pretty and loads of different places to sit and relax, hangout with friends or take pictures. 
Anyway, I better list what I have on here before  RL grabs me again 

sim - Rayne and PetitChat

shoes - Elke by Ingenue @ C88

hair - Yoshiko @ Wasabi Pills

shorts - Good Time by Entice @ Ultra

top - Good Time by Entice @ Ultra

mesh head - Lulu @ Laq

mesh body - 1.5 @ Laq

mesh head tone - build into head hud - 1.5

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