Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Empty Space At Christmas

I am not claiming to be a home and garden blogger  so please forgive  the picture and the mistakes others who know better will see in this layout. This is my  SL home that I have been sorting out to be more suiting to the season of the rest of the private sim my lovely friend  shares with me. Decorating this  has been emotional for me, it has taken longer than it should and many tears shed while doing it.
This will be my first Christmas without both my parent, my dad passed away 10 years ago and mum is gone just 8 weeks. After dad  died I went into caring mode for mum making sure she was ok so maybe it is all of that just flowing over me now. Crying over pixels on a screen might seem stupid to many but I think SLers can understand  the attachment we have to things  in our SL world.
As soon as Halloween was over mum and I would hit the shops and make sure all our basic gifts and card had been bought, wrapped, wrote and sorted. The food order would be done  and everything  planned  by the 1st December. That made December our time for dinners out, going to a pantomime, carol services, markets and fairs. We hit up everything, bought loads of fun stuff and just had a wonderful time. My husband would  b e with us most times as would dad when he was here. On Christmas day my parents would always be at mine for dinner and, again when dad died mum still always came. 
I don't feel like bothering about a tree this year so  have tried to work through those feelings by decorating in SL. I wont use my big tree but maybe  I will put up mums. On Christmas day my husband and I will go to  my parents grave and leave some flowers before going home and having  dinner. I am not sure how things will work, guess it just depends on how feelings are at the time.
So why all this rambling? Well I  know I am not the only one who has lost someone important this year. others will have an empty space a round their table. Just as I have friends in SL watching out for me and making sure I am  coping as best  I can I would ask anyone reading this to  support others they know who has lost someone. Should it be a death, split, divorce or whatever it is , the loss is real and the pain can be so hard  it feels like it is to much. If you are reading this and you are that person struggling, please IM me,  make contact some way, I don't want anyone to feel  alone with   paint that hurts this much .

house -  Amelie Cottage + Patio by Trompe Loeil - @ C88  - event is over soon so I have linked to the mainstore

snow - Snow Add-On - Amelie Cottage + Patio  @ Trompe Loeil - 

lights - Lantern String Lights  @ LAQ

 Winter Bench - snowflake @ {what next} 

 Merry Welcome Mat @ {what next} 

Snowman -  Flakey @ {what next} 

Christmas Memories - Snowman and reindeer @ Your ♥ Dreams

Christmas Memories - Christmas tree big @ Your ♥ Dreams

Steampunk Christmas - Christmas tree @ Your ♥ Dreams

 Holidays sledge - Merry Christmas to you @ Goose

snow covered garden set by Goose @ Tannenbaum

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