Monday, 20 November 2017

Grow old, maybe, Grow up , NEVER

SL is full of  very young young looking  pixels. I know I do it often too. Sometimes though it is nice to find a face with more character and even a few wrinkles. I have seen fun  skins for this but never anything I would wear  often. LAQ have changed that. Vivien is the new head released and the skin loaded is the one to the left. It has an older feel to it and the shape that comes with it I liked too so I never changed anything here. As with all LAQ heads the hud has a winkled option. I hit that up and the right shows what it is like. I really love this - to look older in SL and still keeping it classy and wearable   has never happened for me before.  Now if you  get this head but want to  look younger at times, just hit up any LAQ skin applier or any omega applier and you got it. This head covers all  ages you might want to show - it is the only head in any brand that offers this.
While I am at it, look at this top - OMG cuteness  or what. The sweater and belt changes colour so all you need to  decide is what you want for the other bit, I liked the beige check. C'est La Vie always wins for me

mesh head - Vivien @ LAQ

mesh body applier 1.0 @LAQ

skin is loaded in the head.

hair - Lani @ Amacci

top - Griet @ C'est La Vie 

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