Sunday, 12 November 2017

I Gave The Sheep Names

My sleep pattern is in a mess, I am tired all day until it is bedtime and then my mind races. I tried all sorts of things and nothing is working so far.  Last night around 4am I was willing to try anything. I  even tried counting sheep (I can hear you laughing). The counting turned into naming them and in my head I ended up with a small holding with sheep, a few cows, some goats and a donkey. SO today I remembered about this bed I own, it is more a prop &pose really. Now to get back to naming....I mean counting my sheep.

bra/ panties/ harness top & bottom - Minka by Poppy @ ROMP

hair - Yakumo @ Argrace

mesh head applier - Hailey @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body Maitreya Lara

bed - Counting Sheep @ Fashiowl

cloud - Sweet Dreams Party(lights hid behind bed) @ Your Dreams

lamp - Viena @ Concept

roses  - Bowl Of Roses @ Bauwerk

book - Reading Set, An Open Book @ Black Tulip
[Black Tulip] Reading Set - An Open Book

cup - Teacup With Tea @ Fancy Decor

table - White Pallet @ Bauwerk

chair - Annabelle @ Cheeky Pea

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