Saturday, 11 November 2017

Never Be You.

Someone will
always be prettier.
Someone will
always be smarter.
Someone will 
always be younger.
Bet they will never
be you.

Should it be in Sl or RL we always look at others and wish we had things they had. I know I have looked over facebook and seen people I used to know and I do not connect with them because I feel like I failed compared to them. They have not walked my road, they have  not faced the problems  I faced. They never had to feel the hurt I felt and they never lived any part of my life. I wonder how different they would look of they had. People show the best of themselves on facebook and other media places most of the time. Others will lie to make things look better than it is. We have no clue what is going on in their heart and we have no idea who they feel when they look at us.
Something I said to others  over and over and I try to remind myself of is this.
Do not stand at your front door looking out at all the things others have and feel sad, rather stand outside your door and look in. Then you will see how blessed you are with a roof over your head, food to eat and a bed to sleep in, you have clothes and heat. You will live a more grateful life when you learn to be you because no one else can do that but you.

hair - Rapo @ Tukinowaguma

dress - Aeon by The Annex @ W<3RP

pose - The Cordelia Series by An Lar @ C88

earrings - Boned by :Z:S: @ The Coven

tattoo - Lunalight by PICHI @ The Coven

rings - Luna by Mello @ The Coven

frown lines - @ KoKoLoReS

eyeshadow - Distressed by Veechi@ N21

mesh head applier - Amberlyn @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Cletic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body Maitreya Lara

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