Sunday, 10 December 2017

Holidays Are Coming

You know Christmas is coming when the Coke ad runs on telly. This pose & prop was made with a retro feel to the vendor picture but its screams Christmas to me. 
What starts your Christmas feeling, is it gifts, shopping, a tv program?  This year I am skipping it all but normally I have everything bought, wrote and wrapped for the 1st December. On the 1st I post everything that needs it. Then the first week I like to kick off the season with charity stuff, so, that first week of the month  is full of those things. Then the fair and markets and all that stuff and round it off with a panto and fancy dinner out.

pose & prop - Cherry Elephant @ Elephante Poses

building - Santa's House (car is the rezzer) by Your Dreams @ We <3 Roleplay

 Holidays sledge - Merry Christmas to you @ Goose

doll - Cozy Troop @ Serenity Style

tree - LeLutka group gift - new one every year

outfit - Noelle Thermal Romper @ Narcisse

hair - Anyway @ Exile

socks - Abby @

mesh head applier - Merrylu by DeeTaleZ @ Uber
mesh body applier - Eastern @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Catwa Lona / mesh body Maitreya Lara

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