Saturday, 24 February 2018

Get the Party Started

Saturday used to be party night, out with friends and having a good time. Well it was for others I used to  be a youth leader so I watched others get ready to go out as I headed down to look after teens and try to keep them out of trouble. I don't even part in SL, been around almost 11 years and never been to a party. Guess at my age its to later to start so I will just sit here listening to music and have a drink.

As promised I will be showing off skins  in more detail with all skin tones, shapes and stuff like that. It wont be every blog post though, just when there is something new.
So lets start with some shapes as these can change how a skin looks . The middle shape is me. It started out as one I picked up 

shape on the left - Joise  by pomegranate on marketplace
shape in middle is my own
shape on right comes with skin pack

Below shows the skin tones that DeeTaleZ makes. I have 'atmospheric shaders'  on and quality setting on mid. I alo used the CAWL light setting. So remember the tones might be a tiny bit different for you depending on your windlight and PC strength
dress - Nancy by Rebel Hope  @ Uber

hair  - Girl Next Door @ Exile

eyeshadow - Mod Liner by Veechi @ Uber

lips  - Monroe @ Veechi

tattoo - Spider Garter @ Carol G

mesh head applier  - Victoria for LeLutka @  DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Nordic (in main picture) @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head - Cate @ LeLutka

mesh body & underwear - Lara @ Maitreya

trolley & items on it - Taryn Bar Cart by MudHoney @  The Trunk Show

record player - gacha @ Dust Bunny

wire record stand - gacha @ Dust Bunny

chair - March group gift (still out) @ Ariskea

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