Friday, 9 February 2018

Keep Sleeping

OMG I am so tired today and coffee isn't cutting it. Its just after 11am and I have some things done but nothing close to what should be done, both in RL and SL.  If I smoked in RL I would be on a morning long ciggie break. That's another thing, I am smoking in this picture but I hate smoking. I hate the smell , I hate walking past a smoker and getting hit with  it all in the air. More than anything, I will never understand why a person would pay to smell like a stale ashtray. So why the hell am I smoking in SL.  I should do as this tote bag says - don't give up on your dreams, keep sleeping' Oh how much I want to crawl into bed and keep sleeping. 

jeans - Kesha by  I.M.Collection @ Designer Showcase

top Kesha by  I.M.Collection @ Designer Showcase

hair - Static by Lamb @  FaMESHed

bag - BYOBay by LlamaInc. @  Gacha Garden

mesh head applier - Maxille 2 @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier  - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ

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