Tuesday, 6 March 2018

10 Reasons Why Dogs Are A Woman's Best Friend & Skin Review

They are always there to greet you
They don't judge you
They make for the perfect date
They have the same taste in food as you
They will make you feel better when you're sad
They're always down to have fun
They are (sometimes) willing to cuddle
They will defend you
They'll help you clean up (if you drop food)
They love you no matter what

 So Skin Fair opens soon and all the previews have started, this is my first offering. I had never heard of Arte before but this skin is so pretty and I love the face.  Only 3 tones but they pretty much cover what most look for in SL. The shading is  well done and the face doesn't look to childlike either. I like how the hud comes with the option of freckles, tears (not shown) and droplets. The body doesn't have that yet but the hud does say it will be ready soon so that's great.  I even like the shape that comes with this so much so I used it for the top picture. Though looking at my own shape it is pretty close in looks so maybe that is why I liked it so much lol.  There load of shapes on offer this year with the whole bento thing working better than ever now. The shapers put so much work into styling  the overall look so it is worth   having a  good hunt around and find something you like the look off. It is easy to tweak after to make it that little bit more personal but at least you have the base of the overall idea you want to start with.
Keep an eye out for maps and more info closer to the opening on the 9th.

1st picture 
top - Cyndi @ ChicModa

hair - Mabel by Mina @ Uber

pose & prop - Cuddles with Barney @ Jinx

necklace  & earrings - by Moondance @ Designer Showcase

skin & shapes
catwa mesh head applier - Sweetie by ARTE  @ Skin Fair 2018

shape on the left - Sweetie comes with the head applier  by ARTE  @ Skin Fair 2018

shape in the middle Riri  by  MynxShapes  @ Skin Fair 2018

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