Sunday, 18 March 2018

Average Sunday - Well For Some ...

We have all heard about another school shooting in America, I have listened to much of American news reporting trying to get a better understanding of what is going on. Listening to both sides- those who want gun control and those who are gun owners. I still can't get my head around it all, I guess only those born there would maybe stand a chance of real understanding. I have friends/family who do live in America  and own guns. They are amazing people, caring  and good hard working folk who love their family and their country.  I also have family/friends who live there who hate guns. Again  they are great people.  
I grew up in Northern Ireland. As a 6 year old I got a bullet in my leg and all because I walked around the wrong corner at the wrong time - it is still there 40 years later, safer to leave than to try and remove.  As a child I had  to step over bodies  who had bee shot by the IRA, I seen bloody parts of head with hair  stuck on a wall as  I went to Sunday School the day after a bomb attack. I have seen families destroyed by bullets and bombs, I have listened to people defend the need and those fighting on the other side believing they must do what they do. 
So my view  has a blind side to it because of personal experience. To me, the idea of lifting a gun to even target practise sends a chill down my spine. While this gun is so well made in SL and fantastic for roleplay or for those who want to beef up their AV look. I think I will delete it now, it isn't something I want to own in any life. 

pose - Lightbulb Moment @ Image Essentials
outfit - Melissa by FuraCor @ Designer Showcase
hair - Angel @ Mina
hairbase - Angel @ Mina
ear chain - Black @ Arise
gun - Sharpshooter gacha(rare) by Basme @ The Arcade
mechanical arm - old item I have no idea how I ended up with 
tattoo - Ambition by Carol G @ Skin Fair 2018

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