Saturday, 31 March 2018

Where the hell is my taxi !

We all sign into SL for different reasons, some for work to pay RL bills, others to DJ, some to roleplay and many to shop and wear the things they would never dare or maybe afford in RL. Whatever it is, it is fun. If it isn't then why bother. Sometimes though, something is made and the fun factor in it makes it worth buying. This mobility scooter is that something. This all started with a skin and shape for an older look. When I wore it  and dressed it up to hangout with friends, the laughter was worth it all. We all have fun and all because of a skin and shape. So for her next outing I had to ramp it up a bit more. Well just as I thought that I then seen this mobility scooter. When I went to buy it I found these glasses too. I could have had at least 2 blog posts done and most likely the housework too but I had so much fun shopping, the only thing that got done was loads of fun. That makes this morning a win. Oh and the practical thing about this scooter is you wear it, no rezzing needed. Turn your AO off and that's it. 

transport - Mobility Scooter @ Golden Years
glasses - Beaded Chain Readers @ Golden Years
bag - BYOBag gacha @ LlamaInc.
dog - My Old Doggy @ Black Bantam
shoes - Polley.Janes @
hair - Rarre Bird @ Exile
pants - Bailey Velvet @ Sn@tch
top - Marzia gacha by !gO! @  The Clique
catwa mesh head & shape applier - Evangeline @ Poema
maitreya mesh body applier - Tone 1 @ Poema

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