Monday, 26 March 2018

Who Do You See ?

Every now  and then I hear  people say  that  if   a person is  old  they  have  had  their  time,  it  is  now  for  the  the younger generation  to   be  listened  to.  In part I agree  we  need to listen to  young people but, we can always learn so much from older folk. They are like walking history. They have lived in a time  that didn't have all the help,  health care, support groups and technology we have today. Yet in their time  some  of the  most amazing thing  have  been created, so  much discovered   and heartbreaking  time  lived through. Maybe it was because  I had  older  parents  I loved  to  spend time talking  with older  people and learning  from  them. History  was an amazing thing  to me and still is. My  mum was  a child in the 2nd  World War, my  dad  was deaf in one ear  so couldn't   join the army  but  was a  Home Guard, The things these seen, lived in the middle off and survived   to me is still an amazing thing. I knew a lady  who was a British diplomat to Russia. Another lady was in  Auschwitz and had the marking still on her from it. 
They might look old to us, they might have wrinkles and need a cane. In their mind they are still young, still alive and still have so much to give to the world around them. They can teach us  how to cope with life's problems, how to  make a marriage work and not just walk off at the first sign of trouble. How to save for something and not get everything on credit. To work towards things and not demand everything  right away. 
So the next time you see  someone from the older generation, take time,  chat, they are amazing. If you are blessed enough to still have your grandparents around then make the most of it. You will be  glad you did.

backdrop Udban Street @ The Olde Attic
old lady
catwa mesh head & shape applier - Evangeline @ Poema
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young girl
catwa mesh head applier - Shaunee @ DeeTaleZ
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outfit - Beatrice by Belle Epoque @ C88
hair - Zoe @ Entwined 
pose -The Wren Series @ An Lar
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