Sunday, 22 April 2018

Can We Just Play Nice

There seems to be a trend of bashing others more than ever in SL. Should it be on facebook, blogs and I know it happened  often on plurk (big reason I left).I just don't understand it, We all have complaints and gripes but really, do we have to  try to destroy another with our words. 
Events take time to plan, build and promote. The level of work  would shock most of you. I am a blogger manager for a few events and I see  what the other team member do to make things happen. To make things takes skill, the need to be creative and to then set up a store and wait to see if people like your stuff enough to buy it.  
Then there are bloggers, blogging takes time and real money. I don't care how many blogger lists people are on, there are still things  that need to be bought to create a picture. Some bloggers are better than others but they all put effort into it. Example, 7 items in this picture are from review items but 9 other stores had to be visited and things bought to make this picture. All so I could help others see what can be bought in SL.
Real life kicks us enough, we all have our reasons for being in SL, Some to pay real bills, others because they are lonely, some struggle with social interaction  and many have some level of illness that makes getting out of the house harder for them. Why must we make SL a hard place too. 
Don't get me wrong, there are loads of people who daily take time to look out for others and try to help as many as they can. Creators/designers say thank you often to bloggers for their effort and shoppers pour love to those who made great stuff. Can we just take that little bit more time to show the kindness to others that we would like to see shown to us. 
When you need to grip, and we all do, find that  friend/friends on a private place and have a good moan and then move on. There is no need to post it to a public place and let the world know.

hair - Citrus by Beusy Spring Flair
pants  - Varsity @ ChicModa
top - Sage @ The Annex
sandals - Dora@
pose - The Candi Series @ An Lar (dog hold override)
catwa mesh head applier - Hallie @ DeeTaleZ 
maitreya mesh body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ 
tattoo - Evidence @ Carol G
dog - Greyhouse Held @ Jian

kennel - An Unlikely Meeting @ The Olde Attic
bushes - Twinkling Flower @ [Dysfunctionality]
tree - Sunflowers Garden Gacha Tree With Lights @ Bee Designs
bike -  Sunflowers Bicycle @ What Next
house - @  Country Val House RARE  Serenity Style
garden table  Vintage @ BackBone

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