Sunday, 22 April 2018

I Dreamed a Dream

Do you ever wish you could just jump on a plane and go to a different place and  feel how it is to live a different life. Today I felt like that. To be someone else, to live their life and forget the life I have. Stress and pressures of life are real, so real it make me feel real pain and causes illness. I am glad I have SL to escape into on days like this. I can, for a time, live through my avatar, dress differently and pretend. I am no fool to think SL can replace RL, it frightens me when I see people do that. But until I win the lotto I will use SL as my place to escape  and dream a dream.

top - Verbena by Dreaming Thicket Fantasy Faire
catwa mesh head applier - Neoma by Lumae @ Fantasy Faire
maitreay mesh body applier - Ethesi by Lumae @ Fantasy Faire

ears - Leevi Long Nylisa  by Lumae Fantasy Faire
eyes - Faelyn pack 1 by BananaBanshee Fantasy Faire
hair - Ellira @ Entwined
mask - Ctheah by 1313 Mockingbird Lane Fantasy Faire
everything in the background - Aljana by Kaerri  Fantasy Faire

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