Monday, 23 April 2018

Now I Just Need The Man

So many get married in SL, that is why we have The Trunk Show after all. I have never been properly partnered in SL. Well there was this one time Sophia Harlow partnered me and then I woke the next day to find out I was dumped and she was partnered to another - that girl has a lot of ex's in SL (it was all a joke). 
I don't want to be partnered, I am married in RL. While others are too and find it ok to have a person in SL, for me , I wouldn't  feel comfortable with it. For those who it works for  it is lovely to see. They post such pretty pictures  and at  times I just wish it was me. I keep saying  should make a malt like many others have but I struggle to keep a hang on one account so having another would confuse me. Maybe i should just got a mesh person and prop them up beside me, SL version on a blow up doll lol. 

hair - Kara by Neomenia @ The Trunk Show
dress - Siobhan by Azul  @ The Trunk Show
hairclip - Flower  by Dreamcatcher   @ The Trunk Show
pose - The Wren Series @ An Lar
catwa mesh head applier - Penelope @ Birth
maitreya mesh body applier - Tone 2 @ Birth

large heart - Wedding arch by USB @ The Trunk Show
barrel - Message For You by Lemon Chillz @ The Trunk Show
building - Long Hall  by Krescendo
carpet - Be Mine @ Chez Moi

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