Friday, 4 May 2018

Bird Talk

‘Think...’ said the robin, 
‘Think...’ said the jay, 
sitting in the garden
talking one day. 
‘Think about people 
the way they grow: 
they don’t have feathers
at all, you know. 
They don’t eat beetles, 
they don’t grow wings, 
they don’t like sitting
on wires and things.’ 
‘Think!’ said the robin. 
‘Think!’ said the jay. 
‘Aren’t people funny
to be that way?’ 

necklace - Ayana @ Cae
catwa mesh head applier - Arisha @ Pumec
maitreya mesh body applier - September @ Pumec
hair - Panny by Truth @ Uber
Lip & eye make-up  - Magnolia @ Poema

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