Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Just Don't Fart !

Well I asked for advice on my blog yesterday and I got it, the feedback was good. There are things that have been pointed out that I need to change, stuff I need to work on getting better at and the over all look needs sorting. What I do need to think over is how I take my pictures. I like to change my look and play around with things but one or two  would rather an over all look that is 'me' and to play within that personal style. It would mean  sticking with a hair colour and maybe not changing my mesh head as often,  I need to think that one over.  While I understand it and  I can see the need of it, it might change my overall enjoyment in blogging and I need to keep this fun.
I kept signing into SL yesterday and doing some work things because I just couldn't bring myself to start styling a picture. The feedback had unsettled me a little and I needed to still work over it all in my head. This morning Dannicka grabbed me  to help blog this pose and prop, she even brought her malt out to play. I needed this today more than ever. I needed something to push me into taking another picture and to keep blogging. I did ask for the feedback,  every point given was good constructive ideas. I am glad I did it. I just need to sort it out in my head and blend the helping points into my blogging hobby so that it getting better and remains fun for me. 
So while I try to work this out I need need to get away from this tree without Dannicka farting on my !

what I am wearing 
 outfit - Maelie by Well Made @ Designer Showcase   (5th May - 31thMay)
hair - My Hair @ Monso
catwa mesh head applier - Hader @ lmabee
maitreya mesh head applier  - Apical  lmabee

what he is wearing

Body-  Jake Mesh Body @  -Belleza-

Head - Daniel @ CATWA 
Hair - Danny by  Modulus  @ TMD
Shoes- DJANGOV_( BELLEZA M )_RED by   [ VERSOV ] @ TMD(5th May - 31thMay)
Shirt - Limitless Shirt @  Treized Designs
Shorts -  not so bad . ADAM denim shorts . fitted @ -Belleza-. usedstone -  TMD (5th May - 31thMay)

Skin - Blaze Tone 2 with shape @ Birth

pose & prop - Gimme a Boost by Image Essentials @  eBENTO  (10th May - 31stMay)

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