Thursday, 17 May 2018

Picnic Time

The summer arrived in the UK at last, we have had more than one afternoon of sunshine. The gardens are full of tables and chair, kids playing and people cooking dinner on the barbecue. SL is full on all things summer for the garden so I thought I would join in. I am using a backdrop - love how you can get them to suit just about anything. I decided to use this table set in the lighter colour so it was easier to see. If this colour isn't your style still check this out because there are a lot of options.  If you do place a table in the garden of your SL home remember to pop a few things on to create the mood you are after. Everything is listed below.

sandwiches/ radio/ daises/ treats/ milkshakes/ bunting/ crate/ basket with items in it - Picnic in the Park gacha @ Moss & Mink

table/ benches/ lighting - Shannia by Plastik @ Deco(c)rate May
dogs - Greyyhound @ Jian
           Pug @ Spotcat
birds sitting on bench  @ PewPew
guitar from Libray (omg yes I really did go there)
spinning decor - Windy @ LlamaInc.
backdrop - Heart Fence @ CK Elite

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