Wednesday, 16 May 2018

To Work or Not To Work !

So let me get into some detail about this desk and some of the stuff on it as there is stuff you need to know. The info will make you want to buy it as you find more options depending on your lifestyle in SL.
Salacity are good at making ADULT furniture and this desk gives a ton of them. It is configured to be compatible with XCite and Sensations brands of genitals; if you use either of these, the furniture will automatically interact with your arousal settings, as well as angles, etc.. The desk and chair has a few colour options so will suit male or female styled homes. There is a PG option and a Decor only option.
The Chair as a PG option and an ADULT option so depending on what you want, all are catered for. Again this has a colour change option so will suit most homes.
There are also little touches like a bin (not shown) and other things to add to the feel of a modern desk, just like most of us will be sitting at while in SL. Oh and before I forget, the SmacBook has a PG option (shown) and has one with porn on the screen.

desk/ chair/ mug/ smacbook/ stapler/ inkjet printer/ pencil cup - Swedish Student Set by Salacity @XXX Original Event
letter/ envelope/ pad with pen - @ Bellequipe
smart phone/ earphones - @ Mudhoney
bookcase - Regal Oak @ Consignment
divider - Nura Room @ HopSotch
cat clock - darkendStare
backdrop - Mall Side @ Rama

mesh head - Poppy @ LAQ
mesh head applier - Kate @ LAQ
mesh body applier 1.0 @ LAQ
eyes - Iris (earth pack) by BananaBanshee @ Twe12ve May 12th to May 31st
glasses - Margeret @ Cae
top - Anja @ C'est La Vie
jeans - Baily @ Sn@tch
hair - Quinn@ Elua
headphones - Hot Pink @ Soy

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