Saturday, 23 June 2018

3 Little Things To Tell You

Three things to tell you that is SL important  for your weekend. 
No. 1  This is the last weekend for Vintage Fair so get over  before it is to late. There are many things I love about this event, the biggest one being that so many stores are not what you see in every other event. So go and find something new.
No. 2 -Summerfest is open and as I was lucky to get into one of the blogger groups I will be showing you some stuff from there. I also was shopping there  so you will be seeing a good mix of review items and bought  but most important, I like it all. I will not blog something I don not like.
No. 3 -This fantastic sim I am on right now. Part of me would love no one to  find it so I can use it for myself but then when sims aren't used they run the risk of closing. I never want this place to close. So get over to Mystic Timbers and spend time looking around. Also when visiting this or any open sim, when there is a place to donate do so if you can.  It costs money to own the sims each month and to buy all the stuff needed to make them amazing. 

pose & prop - Kawaii @ Image Essentials
dress - Lene by C'est La Vie @ Summerfest
hair - Pancake - by Navy & Copper @ Summerfest
sim - Mystic Timbers 

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