Monday, 11 June 2018

Art Comes In Many Forms

When many think of art they think of a picture on the wall but it is so much more than that. This picture can hang in your SL home and it is beautiful, it isn't the only piece of art  thought. The person who made this hat created something. The person who made the  skin worked her magic as did the people who did the make up, nails and the eyes. The hair creator took time to  make it and the person who made the right did it with such detail. Then, to top it off, the pose creator did her thing and without I would be lost. Now I am not calling my pictures art, but they are my expression of SL. Take nothing for granted in SL, each thing is a piece of art created for you to enjoy. Just as with RL art, you might not like everything, that doesn't stop it being art or stop it being beautiful.

eyeshadow - Hotsy Tosy by Shiny Stuffs @ Vintage Fair
lipstick - Kiss Me  by Shiny Stuffs @ Vintage Fair

ring - Audrey by Cae @ Vintage Fair
headpiece - Yijie by Shanghai @ Vintage Fair
nails -  by Dark Passions @ Vintage Fair
eyes - Ava by Banana Banshee @ Vintage Fair
picture - Peony Painting Youmei Set by  Kaerri @ Vintage Fair
catwa head applier (comes with body appliers) - Neoma @ Lumae 
pose - Doll Face @ GingerFish 

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