Friday, 29 June 2018

Good Life

Good food, good weather, good friends, good fun. That is what makes a wonderful summers day. I can smell food cooking and hear people chatting  out in their gardens while I am writing this. It is great to hear kids playing and people laughing. So whatever you plan to do this weekend, do it with people that matter. Should it be in SL or RL, Have fun, it's free !

pants - Yara @ MOoH!
top - Jane @ MOoH!
tattoo - Nara @ AuricA
catwa head applier - Myra @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya head applier - European @ DeeTaelZ
hair - Pippa @ Elua
table, chairs, umbrella, wall sign, sandwich board sign, all food items, tray mug - Cafe Set @ Salacity
backdrop - Five Minutes Pub @ Serenity Style

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