Friday, 15 June 2018

The Simple Life

Was life more simple back then ? or do we just romanticise it. I have no idea of that answer. People seemed happier with their lot. Men worked hard jobs with long hours for not so much money and the little woman stayed at home, cooking and cleaning and raising the children. Always looking pretty when the husband arrived home with a cooked meal ready, Now women work and raise the kids and cook the food, even with men helping most of it still falls to to the woman in the home. There might not have been pressure to work and raise a family and have it all back then, but at least now, if  a woman wants to leave a relationship she can. She can even have a family without having the man if she wants. Yes there are more pressures on  women these days but there is also more freedom.  So while I love vintage and I adore living it in SL, I never want the world to go back to what it was back then. We can just keep it romantic n the movies.

dress - Betsy by MOoH! @ Vintage Fair

hair - Annabelle by Exile @ Vintage Fair
mesh head - Bree @ LAQ
laq head applier - Elvi @ Lumae
maitreya body applier - T1 @ Lumae
necklace - Elle by Nanika @ Vintage Fair
all other furniture items - Nettle Farms by Noctis @ Vintage Fair
radio (that really works) Orrery by Spyralle @ Vintage Fair

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