Wednesday, 13 June 2018

VINTAGE FAIR - 50k ARC limit has been removed

At the opening of every PGP event they have a 50K arc limit to make moving around easier - it is only ever in place at the opening weekend. Most people love this as it makes moving and shopping possible. A few complain (then again a few complain about anything and everything). Well complain no more as the limit has been removed and you can wear  whatever you want. Do remember though, wearing a  ton of huds that are not needs lags the hell out of things for yourself so you screwing yourself by doing this.
I have also seen 2  posts complaining about the build, It is easy to cam around  so I am not sure what the problem is, other than being lazy or wanting to moan because you are a moan. Anyway, here is the links you need to get there

North Sim 
South Sim 

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