Friday, 8 June 2018

We are not talking right now ....

I was looking over the rescue centres facebook pages and there are so many dogs needing a home. One of the pages had 17 puppies, all different kinds and sizes and it makes me heart melt. I would love another dog (I would love about 6 more at least) but Taylor (my rescue dog) would never forgive me if I did. I think it would be a shock to have a puppy to be honest. Taylor was 10 weeks when we got her and she was clean from the second she was brought home. She never damaged anything either. She is 9 now and is the boss.  Anyway, I was looking  at facebook while watching all the green lights pop up on the Vintage Fair sim as it as just opened.  I know it is a popular event and I know loads of people will visit over the 2 weeks we are open but I still get nervous on opening. 
So let me list the stuff here and then I can go and watch my green lights again  - safer than looking at puppies

top, leggings& shoes (not shown) 0 Toni by Sass @ Vintage Fair
tattoo - Saida by AuricA @ Vintage Fair
catwa head applier - Marilyn  by Arte  @ Vintage Fair
maitreya body applier - Porcelain  by Arte @ Vintage Fair
hair - Taxi by Vanity Hair  @ Vintage Fair
dog - Pet Shaming gacha by MOoH! @ The Gacha Life
backdrop - The Waiting Game @ Image Essentials
pose - Hot Stepper @ Gingerfish 

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