Monday, 9 July 2018


We all want to belong in some way in SL, and in RL for that matter. In SL part of it is finding a home and feeling like we have a place. People think it costs more than it really does  though. Many sims have pockets of land to rent.  This house I have used is  small, one of the smaller houses I own but it has everything I need. At the end of the day  if we have a place to sort inventory and to change it is perfect.  Also a few nice touches  to we can hang with friends and  be part of a gang. By playing a few gachas and keeping watch on Fifty Linden Friday(how I got this house) it can cost very little to have a relaxing place to belong. Even when RL can get  nutty, all you need to do is sign into SL and chill.

pictures/ chair/ sofa/ table/  vase with flowers/ stool - Amelie gacha @ Bee Designs
dog - Pomeranian - Sit (Snow) @  Half Deer
plant stand - Agave @ What Next
record player - Briefcase @ Dust Bunny
stand - Wire Record Rack  @ Dust Bunny
blinds -  Austrian Blind Lace1 @ OPI Mesh Curtains & Pillows
house - Hydrangea Cottage @ FunkyJunk

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