Sunday, 1 July 2018

Paint Me a Picture

This pose and prop set is so creative, It has a few poses built into to stool and when I move my avatar the picture on the stand moves with  me. I just had to pop on red hair and show this off. You can replace the picture on the canvas and even  have the option to make your personal picture look like an oil painting. The instructions are well explained and it feels easy to do. Why didn't I do it then ? I get worried about moving a hair piece, when lashes first came out and  each bit had to be moved into place I got a friend to sign in and do it for me. I  get worried about making a box to put things in to pass to someone - I have no faith in myself not to cock things up. I will play with this when I get time and blog it again but I wanted to show it off s others who are smarter than me could get it and make amazing blogposts. This deserves to be shown off better than I am doing right now. 

pose & prop - The Artist by Black Tulip @ Pose Fair  (opens 1st July @12pm)

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