Saturday, 11 August 2018

A Reminder

Remember that sometimes
its ok to close your eyes
and forget the world,
to think for yourself,
breathe deeply,
and do that one thing
you've been putting off
for months
and when you are ready
to view the world with
new born eyes,
you will find that
 the stars still shine,
the waves still crash,
the sun still rises,
and your heart
still beats

dog - Part Pointers by Jian (gacha resale bought from MP)
dress - Hope Summer Vacation @ Rebel Hope
glasses - Louisa @ Cae
sandals - Corazan @ Ingenue
hair - Lola by Oleander @Uber
catwa head applier - Rachel @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Celtic  @ DeeTaleZ
pose - Sand @ Body Language
lifeguard startion - South Beach gacha @ Kei's

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