Monday, 6 August 2018

If I Could I Would ...

I watch people build things, put together beautiful rooms. create a stunning home and even build the most incredible sims. I wish I had the same eye as they do. I have tried my best to  show off this building from Serenity Style (out at TLC right now). The detail on it is amazing. Each corner, wall, floor and window has the smallest of details. If you want something small to live in this is pretty. I know it would be great for those who have a small bit of land to put something on as you have both inside and outside living space. If you are one of those people who are lucky enough to own a sim or  part of a sim then this would make an amazing add to the overall landscaping. Please go see it for yourself.

building - La Hacienda de Morelos by Serenity Style @ TLC
large pot & steps - Morelos Hacienda Decor by Serenity Style @ TLC
roses arch - Fairylight Rose Vines -Dusk @ Half Deer
watercan decor - Whimsy Watering Can @ Llama Inc
trees & grasses @ Little Branch

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