Friday, 14 September 2018

What is a Warrior

This might look like a warrior but it isn't. This is what films and TV programmes tells us they look like. So what does a real warrior look like ?
A warrior is the single mum getting the kids up and ready for school, then gets the house cleans and picks them up from school, does homework and plays. It is the woman who gets her family sorted and then heads off to work a full day only to get stuck into the ironing and everything else before she falls into bed. A warrior is that nurse who has worked crazy shifts and still has a smile for those sick. It is the girl getting cancer treatment and keeps smiling through those tears. It is the trans gender coming out to family knowing  they might have to face  it alone but still remain honest to themselves. It is the charity worker who could earn more money doing other things but rather make a different in this world. It is the neighbour who takes in a cooked meal to the old person next door so they know they are eating. I could keep listing all the warriors we meet daily. Or I could tell you to look in the mirror and see a warrior  - the person fighting those demons and still gets up in the morning to face the day. Still willing to help others while struggling yourself. You are  what a warrior looks like.

bow & arrow set - Elven Bow by Elemental @ WLRP
outfit - Lara  by Una  @ WLRP
hair - Angel @ Mina
hairbase - Angel  @ Mina
catwa head applier - Sasha @ Revoul
maitreya body applier - RE10  @ Revoul
tattoo - Mystic @ Carol G
pose - City @ oOo Studio

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