Saturday, 27 October 2018


There is just so much amazing Halloween stuff around right now it is worth searching a little more than you might have already done. We are all guilty of going to a set pattern of stores and forgetting there are so many more around. From full avatars to cute decor, sim decor to backdrops, I threw a bit of everything at this picture. I would  encourage you to spread your shopping wings a little and try to get to new stores, use this as a way to find places you never heard of before. I know I have  found a few and if this is what they have done for Halloween I am going to hit them again when its Christmas.

backdrop - Spooky Graveyard by CK Elite @ Pose Fair (last weekend)
cats decor items - Sorcery by MOoH! @  TWE12VE (last weekend)
cross memorial, fencing, entry - Gothic Cemetery @ unKindness
avatar - Ghoul by BentBox @ WLRP (last weekend)

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