Monday, 29 October 2018

The Witch's House

For a person who doesn't like Halloween, I am loving all the stuff that has been made in SL and having fun playing around with it all. The best part, much of the decor stuff will still look cool all year round. Sure there are some that would call me a witch so I guess this is the perfect way to style my living room. Is Halloween your favourite holiday time or is it something else ? 

table/ chairs, stool, wall shelf, cabinet all on the left / cabinet on the right - Midnight Coven by Circa @ Trick or Treat Lane ends 2nd November
rugs - Jack-O-Rug @ QE Designs
large chair - Mimic @ Violetillty
books in air  - Magic Books  by Serenity Style @ TLC  (closing so get there fast)
fireplace with decor on it - Witch's Hearth by Kei  @ TLC  (closing so get there fast)
carved turnips -@Candle & Cauldron 
2 headed cat @ Half Deer
table on the right - Spell Set @ Noctis
wooden wall panels  @ Lisp

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