Monday, 29 October 2018

Trick or Treat

I remember getting dressed up and going around Halloween Rhyming. It was  fun with the home made costumes, we sang every word, people gave us a few sweets and we went along happy with that. Last year a few kids came to my door with their hood up and   just said, Trick or Treat and put their hand out. This year there has been no kids around at all. The joy has gone  from many things as it get more high tech and kids expect so much more. Mum always had a wee party for us and Dad would duck for apples and each year I would dunk his head under and we all would laugh - now I know it was setup for me to do, but as a kid I never knew. Growing up in Northern Ireland we couldn't have fireworks for many years, there was just silly indoor ones mum would always get us. Then some towns started to do  a big display and places would  be packed out to watch. I sound so old with all this 'back in my day'  stuff. I guess more parents are aware of the danger now and not wanting their kids going around doors on their own  and they don't want to go with them after working all day. I can understand that. I just hope everyone stays safe, has fun.

backdrop - Townhouse - @Paparazzi
wreath on door & topiary @ FunkyJunk
pose & prop  Halloween Balloons @ Image Essentials   *** for 10L***
dress - Tiffany @ ChicModa
catwa head applier - Celine @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ
hair - Meow @ Lamb
lipstick - Creme @ Veechi
eyeshadow - Sunset @ Veechi

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