Thursday, 8 November 2018

I Hope You Will Always Pick You

Look at you being a wild flower, a tulip that has not opened yet, an orchid masquerading as a rose, or anything deemed worthy and beautiful, because you learned a long time ago that who you are isn’t enough. That perhaps your seeds were planted too shallow, maybe your roots never grew into a bloom capable of becoming a well arranged bouquet. Who says?
I have seen a field of weeds that took my breath away and they didn’t offer an apology for how they grew. They did not need to. You don’t need to. Grow as you are, without fear of how your roots may rip through the foundation of who you are. Grow as you are without worry of being picked and with no regard of how you will wrap around someone too tightly or not tightly enough. 
Your growth is about you, not about who may be cut by holding your thorns, or petals too soft to bear thorns at all. You be you and know... you are beautiful just as you are. A wildflower, an orchid, a tulip, a rose... or just a weed, breathtaking and unapologetic for the beauty not everyone can look deep enough to see. As long as you do, I do too. You are perfect, I hope you always pick you.

tree - Japanese Maple  by Little Branch @ Blueprint
metal stand - Fall Gazebo by Merak @ Blueprint
animals - Deer Family by Serenity Style @ TLC
wheelbarrow with items in  - Fall Harvest @ What Next
pumkins - Harvest Pumpkin Patch by  Unorthodox Underworld @ WLRP
grass - Wild Grasses Khaki @ HPMD
cliff hill @ HPMD
tall cliff @ HPMD

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