Saturday, 29 December 2018

I lost my gloves

So let me tell you the story behind the title of this and why I have no gloves on in this.
My husband came home  one time with a gift box and inside was a lovely pair of gloves. I got a little excited because I thought he got them for me and the colour was pretty. Then he said he had spotted them and thought it would be a nice gift for mums birthday. Her birthday is a few days after Christmas so we always tried to shop early for it. Well on her birthday we gave her the gloves and she loved them. A few days later she took really ill and went into hospital. By the time she got out the really cold weather had past, the gloves got put away until she needed them again. Mum didn't live long enough for the cold weather to come back and so she never got to wear her gloves. My husband said to me to wear them as I had loved them from the start, and it would be a reminder of that birthday we gave her them. This  year when I was going out  and  could have done with wearing gloves, I  went hunting for my old ones, but couldn't remember what I had done with them, so I went out with no gloves. When asked why I didn't wear mums gloves my reply was, I didn't want to risk losing them so I left them in the car. You never know, maybe I will get a chance next year to wear them because it is  to mild to need them now.

coat - Trenched Jacket  by 1313 Mockingbird Lane @ Lootbox
hair with hair - Noelle @ Exile
tights - West End
boots - Pale September @ White River
lelutka head applier - Gloria @ Session Skins
maitreya body applier - 00 @ Session Skins
pose & prop - Starry Night (sleige & tree with bird) @ Le Poppycock

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