Thursday, 27 December 2018

Just a Dream

I opened the curtains this morning and the sun was shining. I know it is cold outside but at that moment it almost looked like Spring was coming. We have this romantic idea of Christmas, fun walks in the snow, cosy nights in with a warm drink and open fire. The TV pushes the perfect family time so much that when we don't get what they show us we think we failed. Well I didn't have that TV perfect day, we don't have snow  but still,  all is still good. I have food in the fridge, clean clothes on my back, the heating is on and I have  a place to live with a spot to sit and a bed to sleep. To me that is the real things to be thankful for. Yes some have the big family time and that is amazing but, if you have all that you need then that is also something to be thankful for too. What we take for granted today is a dream in the mind of so many others.

hair - HO827 @ Tram
cloak  and muff - Winter @ Hotdog
snowflakes - Princess @ Naminoke
catwa head applier - Neoma@ Lumae
maitreya body applier -  Elentari @ Lumae
lipstick - Velvet @ Veechi
lashes - Twig @ Veechi
eyeshadow - Monroe @ Veechi
blush - The Ultimate Cheek Kit (light) @ Veechi

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