Sunday, 13 January 2019

Easy Preaching

Sundays  should be easy, relaxed and fun. That is why I am not worrying about writing to much and just posting  the picture and listing details. After all, I can't ask you all to take it easy unless I practise what I preach - and Sundays  is the day to preach

shoes - Bunny Slippers by Pure Poison @ C88
bed - Rosie @ Candy Crushers
mouse  @ Plastik
clutter tray @ Emm
white rug @ NewChurch
pink rug @ Haikei
firewall heart @ Haikei
cherry bomb@ Haikei
room divider @ Haikei
unicorn head @ Peaches
picture @ Acorn
cat on wall @ Atooly
lamp @ Moss&Mink
boxes  under bed @ Balaclava
cat on rug @ Mutresse

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