Friday, 4 January 2019

My First Job

My first job was working in a cafe clearing tables, I was 14. As soon as I was old enough I went out to get a Saturday job, in the summer i worked 6 days a week most of the time. I loved it, the people who owned the place was lovely. It was like a wee family. My mum worked upstairs in the kitchen. There was a few of us like that, daughters working downstairs and mum upstairs. I even trained how to cook  at one point, not that I like cooking but I loved working at that place. It spoiled me, I though all jobs was like that - I soon learnt that was not so. When I ended up in management I tried to treat people  the same as how I was treated in that first job. Doing these pictures brought back lovely memories. SL is good like that

cushions at window - Moni We @ Plastik
table, chairs, vase with flower on table - Lil Cutie Cafe@ unKindness
 food display on table and tray - Lil Cutie Cafe  Fruit Trays @ unKindness
hot chocolate area - Colonna  Hot Chocolate Station @ What Next
cakes area -  Patisserie Cake Counter  @ What Next
coffee sign - Colonna Coffee Bar Sign lit @ What Next
van outside - Sanglovese Motocar @ Serenity Style
tray table - Butler's Tray @ Apple Fall
till - Cash Machine -BananaN
ladder - Forest Sonata @ Half Deer
phone - Retro @ Serenity Style
rabbit at window - Pretty Wooden Rabbit @ Serenity Style
creamer,sugar bowl,tea pot, tray,coffee pot - Team Service by Bygone @ TLC
coffee maker - Bistro Coffee Percolator by Bygone @ TLC
cup empty, cup holder, cup used, cups stacked, saucer, saucers stacked  - Bistro Cup and Saucer Collection by Bygone @ TLC
build - Baldwin Shop @ Salacity
stone path with lights - Waterfront @ Circa
plant stands - The Courtyard Obelisk @ Circa

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