Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Few Furry Friends

The more I see of people the more  like spending time with my dog in RL. After being sick, have toothache, problems with my skin and then SL stress  - I think today I need cuddles in both lives. So meet a few of my furry friends.
I never planned to collect animals in SL, I only meant to buy a few dogs. Now I have  folders full of all sorts and I still don't feel I have enough.  If I could have a house full of does in RL I would. Though SL is better in some ways. I don't have to clean up after they  poo !.

skirt - Natalie @ The Annex
shirt - Fife Military @ Vinyl
genus head applier - Akira @ Session
maitreya body applier - Tone 01 @ Session
hair - Ajaye @ Elikatira

*dogs collected around the grid from many stores, past and present releases*

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