Monday, 11 March 2019

Skin Fair, feeling it

Some think we can't have SL without a certain thing.  mean, some think Sl wouldn't work without poses, others thing it couldn't work without skinners,  in general many would say Sl couldn't happen without creators. I have to agree, those who create are a big part of how we enjoy SL. Should it be walking around a sim, dancing at a club or shopping at a store/event. Every day I need all sorts of creators. To help me walk, to give me shape, to help create a style. To give me a house to walk into and a chair to sit at. It is all important. 
You know who else is important ? Shoppers. After all, what is the point of making these things and setting then out if it wasn't for the shopper to come to your store/event and buy them. 
Sim hoppers are important, they are the people who visit the amazing spaces you create. 
Clubbers are important, why build the place and have music streaming, if no one ever came to dance.
I am sure people are nodding at this point and can add in more examples of who is important but  many will forget the blogger. Bloggers are  very important in SL too. They promote stores and events, they showcase items  that have been made. Their picture  draw in shoppers who might never have known about the stuff if it wasn't for the blogger  taking a picture of it. Sims are visited daily  by bloggers to use as a backdrop to a picture. 
In all this rambling what I hope you are hearing is this. We are all important to the running of SL. Each of us has our place. All of us matter and no one is better than or bigger than the other. We all have skills  that we bring to SL.  SL is as small and boring as you make it and as big and exciting as you are open to it being. 
Thank you Skin Fair for reminding me of this.

hair - Waffle @ Navy & Copper
dress - Yorl by GiuliadDesign @ Designer Showcase
genus head applier - Anya by Session @ Skin Fair
body applier - Tone 02 @ Session
mesh head - Strong  by Genus @ Skin Fair
shape -  Lennon by Pomegranate @Skin Fair

tattoo - Out of Space by Ivory & Rose @ Skin Fair 
neon light - Pulsing Heartbeat @ Spot On

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